His parents gave him the perfect DJ name and so the story continued… In high school he was that guy who downloaded music from Limewire and dropped it on a MP3-player or USB. Once his friends and family realized that he had a very good taste of music they started to ask him to put their USB’s full of music. Spreading USB’s around his hometown it became a game for SAVOY to search and find for the newest and best tracks. He started to realize music was not just downloading and listening. It was his passion. Very soon after finding that out he bought his first DJ Controller back in 2013. The Numark Pro II.

Hours of playing his favorite tracks on his bedroom performing like he was standing on the biggest festival stages his dream took shape. His dream of playing in front of thousands of people on his favorite festival: Mysteryland. His dream is no longer a dream but a rock solid goal. He decided to give up on everything and to go all-in! Which has already earned him a lot of credits.

For over years you can find him getting goosebumps at festivals such like Mysteryland, ADE, Dance Valley, Parookaville & ULTRA Miami where his bucket of spirit and motivation is getting filled more and more. Bringing him closer and closer to his own goal. Bringing his Latin & Tribal house vibes to all different kind of places. 

As he didn’t want to fully build on the tracks of others anymore he started producing his own tracks and remixes in 2016. His productions are increasingly acquiring their own identity. Ensuring that the audience doesn’t stand still for a second. People call him the perfect mix between Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Gregor Salto. As humble boy his standard reply is: “Thanks for the compliment. But the thing I do is bringing you the SAVOY vibe!”

Are you ready to FEEL THE SAVOY VIBE?!

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